Welcome to #AVS2021

Welcome to the Asia Video Summit 2021! This year’s conference spans over 5 days from 11 – 12 and 16 – 18 November, and includes our Policy Roundtable, the State of Piracy Summit, Satellite Industry Forum, and the Main Event, The Asia Video Summit.

The Asia Video Summit will aim to provide you with a comprehensive view of what you need to survive and thrive in the video industry. As you journey with us, we will take you from the world of content from where it all starts to the state of video today. We will cover the technology that underpins it and the advertising that supports it. And on top of this we will explore the development of policies and regulations that impact business in the region and understand the state of piracy today – what is it costing us and what can we do about it?

Having been the first to bring you a virtual industry conference in 2020, we have been constantly innovating and raising the bar at our events. As we attempt to get back to normal, we are challenging ourselves to see what we can do to bring us together and to meet in person again as industry friends and colleagues during these four days. We will keep you updated on these developments and are looking forward to a fabulous event.

There will be more news and updates to come, so stay tuned and save the date!

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