Consumers will always want to search for content in the most convenient way. . . . We are trying to take our content to put it where consumers want it most, but the challenge always is [how] to monetise.

We have these new technology solutions which we must embrace      and . . . run fast to grasp and develop them and put them in the ecosystem, because there are ways and means to alleviate the problem we all share . . . how do we get value from consumers, how do we overcome piracy, how do we get value for our content.

Birathon Kasemsri Na Ayudhaya

Chief Content and Media Officer,
True Corporation

What to Expect and What’s New for 2019

The Asia Video Summit is not just another conference.  The aim is to ask hard questions and curate the defining conversations about the state of the video industry in 2019. 

In this second year of the Summit, there are 5 key themes that we will be focusing on:

Business Models

How are business models changing in the video industry?


What is the business model today behind monetising news?


Can advertising become the dominant business model for streaming video?

Human capital

What of the human capital that makes up the industry today?


What are the policy goals for governments around Asia as they grapple with the regulation of video over the internet?

2019 Expected Figures​

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Thought Leaders
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Senior Management Executive

New Discussion Topics Include

– Reinvention of Free to Air in Asia

– Asia Pacific Online Video Leaders’ Views: Rethinking Your Monetization Strategy

– Aggregate, Bundle, Create the Right UX

– Monetising from Cash Based Markets

– Addressing Human Capital Opportunities and Challenges in this New Digital Age

– The News Industry: The Challenges and Opportunities that Remain

– The Millennials’ Views on Media Industry: Technology, Digital Innovation, Consumption Trends

– What can the TV Industry Learn from the Music Industry’s Transformation

Newly launched track


6 Nov, Wed | 10.50am – 5pm

 The tech innovation track spotlights cutting edge developments reshaping the distribution and consumption of video content. Join industry leaders for an insider’s look into the emerging technologies disrupting everything, from the creative process to business models and consumer behaviour.

Who should attend?

C-suite management and senior executives responsible for technology, innovation, customer experience, operation and product from the following sectors:

  • Telecom operators
  • Broadcasters/channels
  • Video streaming platforms
  • Video solution specialists
  • AR/VR specialists
  • Technology startups.

Recap of Asia Video Summit 2018

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2018 Key Speakers

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