Back to the Beginning . . . Better, Faster, Smarter and a Whole Lot More!

Following a year of reckoning in the streaming industry, it feels as though we have gone back to the future. We are seeing rising subscription prices, more streaming ad tiers, geographic household restrictions, licensing of content libraries and a renewed focus on theatrical. What can we expect in 2024? Has the dust really settled, or will there be more tectonic shifts?

Accounting for ~390 million subscription streaming homes by the end of 2024, Asia is predicted by analysts as the fastest growing and largest region for streaming ahead of Europe and North America. And with the contribution from North America expected to fall below 50% of global streaming revenue this year, what are the implications for this region, especially regarding the allocation of resources and investments?

With the global media streaming devices market anticipated to increase to 128 million units in 2024 and growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of ~15% since 2018, consumption of international content globally will undoubtedly grow as well. But is Asia ready and able to capitalise on this growth?

How much and how quickly will sports content shift into streaming and what will the impact be on the traditional pay TV business in Asia? And as the pay TV iceberg continues to melt, will linear TV be resurrected in the form of FAST channels?

AI has been touted as the panacea for many of the challenges of the video ecosystem, from optimised audio video delivery to much improved personalisation, content curation, and many other aspects of the creative process of content production. But how much will actually change this year? And will there be an appetite to invest in AI to effectively reduce business costs over the longer term?

It’s said you can’t save your way to profitability. So how much further can ad tech help us rethink and monetise advertising, and what new approaches to revenue diversification can be found as the industry continues to strive for greater profitability?

Nothing is for certain except more change as our industry charts a course back to the future – better, faster and a whole lot smarter!



  • Charting Asia’s Evolving Video Landscape and Building High Value-Added Industry
  • Making Streaming Sense and Growing FAST
  • The Tenacity of Pay TV and The Return of the Bundle
  • Piracy – Why It Matters and What Can Be Done to Stop It


  • Navigating the Content Ocean in the Stream
  • Local Audiences First and Investing in Asian Content
  • Sports and the Stream
  • Sustainability Lessons from Telecoms and Implications for Video


  • The Appeal of Evergreen Content
  • Formats and Adaptations – Monetising a Hit
  • Premium Video – Thriving in the FAST Lane
  • Building New Revenue Streams in L&M


  • Opportunities and Perils of AI
  • Generative AI Solutions in Video
  • The Evolution of the TV Set
Relive the amazing moments at Asia Video Summit 2024! Event photos are now available on our gallery!
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Asia Video Summit 2024

Annually, AVIA will publish the Asia Video Industry Report. The report aims to provide a thorough review of the industry today. Read on for insights into Policy and Piracy around the region, the latest Research on video and streaming, and advancements in entertainment and distribution Technology. The report also covers the Advertising opportunity in premium video and perspectives on Content from brands and platforms across Asia.

The latest 2024 Report is now available for download.

Speaker Highlights - AVS2024

Banijay Asia - Mrinalini Jain
Mrinalani Jain

Group Chief Development Officer
Banijay Asia and Endemol Shine India

Huace - Karen Fu

Karen Fu

Huace Global

Catherine PARK_2
Catherine Park

Senior Vice President, Head of Office & Streaming for Asia


SenseTime - Hui Luen Lien

Hui Luen Lien

Deputy General Manager
SenseTime Hong Kong

Viu - Marianne Lee
Marianne Lee

Chief of Content Acquisition and Development


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