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Dear friends and colleagues,

We hope you will join us again this year for the Asia Video Summit 2020. While it will be very different to last year’s, we are optimistic that we will be reintroducing physical components and holding our industry’s first hybrid event where people attend in person, but it is still available for all online. Please check back here for updates on what this is going to look like ...

AVS2020 will be free for members.It has been a remarkably challenging year for us all, and so we want to acknowledge that by bringing together as much of our industry as we can, and this is our gift back to you - our thank you for your support throughout this year. Now more than ever we need to stick together, and we ask for your continued support and membership in what will also be a challenging 2021.

This will be the third time we are holding the Asia Video Summit, the revamped annual event of the Asian video industry. And as with previous iterations our goal is to take stock, tell the story and assess the state of our industry as 2020 comes to a close. This year:

Remember Television? – We ask this question tongue in cheek, but with so much change in our industry we are prone to overlook the size and influence linear television still has. It is still a giant compared to streaming. We assess the state of Free To Air and Pay TV and examine what the pressure to go direct to consumer means for traditional relationships between content owners and MVPDs.

Streaming Ahead – There is no let-up in the direction of travel for the streaming industry. More content investment, increasing numbers of services, record levels of consumption but also huge volatility which has seen the demise of Hooq and the amalgamation of iflix into WeTV. We want to know how you scale a streaming business, how do you market your services and differentiate products, and how is life different for national, regional and global services.

Premium Advertising – a continuation of the streaming conversation, but it is clear today that our industry, with the wealth of high-end content we deliver, have yet to persuade the advertisers to park their money with us. Why is that and what can we do to change the situation. Do we not yet have the right ad supported services in market? Is it really just a question of reach, or can we not make quality matter?

Sporting Times – what a torrid year for this industry. But despite the cancellations and postponements, we are once again living in a world of sports and surely the video experience now is more important than ever. We take stock of the particular challenges and triumphs the sports industry has undergone in 2020 and what lies ahead.

Talking Tech – Nothing happens in this industry without the technology that underpins it, and this is as true for broadcast as it is for streaming. But the technologies for the latter are growing and evolving more quickly than ever. We will follow the technological journey content goes through from creation to consumption and look at the innovations which will shape the industry in the coming years.

On top of all this we will be discussing gender equality issues, diversity, the way Gen Z thinks, why we are at a seminal moment for policy making in our industry and the strides that are being made against piracy.

The programme is growing richer by the day, so stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks. I look forward to seeing you this November at the Asia Video Summit 2020.

Stay healthy and safe.

Louis Boswell

Asia VIdeo Industry Association

What to Expect and What’s New for 2020

The Asia Video Summit is not just another conference. The aim is to ask hard questions and curate the defining conversations about the State of the Video Industry in 2020.

In this third year of the Summit, there are 5 key themes that we will be focusing on:

Remember Television?

What is the state of Free to Air and Pay TV in Asia today? What does the pressure to go D2C mean for traditional relationships between content owners and MVPDs?

Sporting Times

What are some of the particular challenges and triumphs the sports industry has undergone in 2020 and what lies ahead?

Streaming Ahead

How do you scale a streaming business and how is life different for national, regional, and global services?

Premium Advertising

Do we not yet have the right ad-supported services in market to persuade advertisers to park their money with us? Is it really just a question of reach, or can we not make quality matter?

Talking Tech

What innovations will shape the industry in the coming years?

Special Session: Advancing Gender Equality in the Media Industry

Where are we today and where do we need to get to?

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Recap of Asia Video Summit 2019

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6 Nov, Wed | 11.10am – 3.15pm

 The tech innovation track spotlights cutting edge developments reshaping the distribution and consumption of video content. Join industry leaders for an insider’s look into the emerging technologies disrupting everything, from the creative process to business models and consumer behaviour.

Who should attend?

C-suite management and senior executives responsible for technology, innovation, customer experience, operation and product from the following sectors:

  • Telecom operators
  • Broadcasters/channels
  • Video streaming platforms
  • Video solution specialists
  • AR/VR specialists
  • Technology startups.
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