Welcome to Asia Video Summit 2023

The Asia Video Summit is the flagship conference held by the Asia Video Industry Association each year. After several years away, we are delighted to have returned to Hong Kong. Hong Kong remains a key media marketplace and provides a unique perspective on the industry – closer to the disparate trends of greater China, closer to Northeast Asia, and still interested in developments in South and Southeast Asia.

We pride ourselves on debate and discussion. This is not a conference where we speak at you, it is a conference where we come together and ask the questions that are on everyone’s minds. We represent so many different ecosystems within the video industry and we bring them all together for this event – TV & streaming; FTA & Pay; Advertising & Affiliate; Telco & Technology, Policy & Piracy; Content & Creators.

The goal of the Asia Video Summit is to look at the big issues that are shaping the development of the video industry. Each year we try to identify the key themes that can tell the story of what is happening across the region.

The Five Key Themes for AVS2023 are:
  • The Making of Korea and the Model for Who’s Next?  – The explosive success of the Korean content industry, both music and video, was not the chance success that much of the world sees it to be. We will look back to understand what it took to create this success and what lessons other markets can learn as they try to launch waves of their own.

  • Video at the Crossroads – Gaming, social media, creator and UGC, experience-based entertainment and e-Commerce – these are all now mega-industries, in some cases dwarfing the curated video industry in size and scale. Can we co-exist with these other industries? Do they present opportunities to be harnessed, or are we the opportunity to be harnessed by them?

  • The State of Video 2023 –  There is a real sense of sobriety in the video industry in 2023. Did the boom happen during the pandemic and is this now the bust? Or have priorities simply shifted with bottom line now trumping top line? Each part of the ecosystem we know as the video industry will be examined, from broadcaster to streamer, pay TV platform to telco.

  • The Advance of Advertising – How can advertisers leverage streaming, CTV and linear TV to reach and engage audiences? How does CTV, OTT and mobile offer new opportunities and challenges for advertisers and content providers alike? And how is programmatic evolving to meet the needs of the video industry?

  • Technology Taking Over – It is hard not to feel that technology really is about to take over. We sit at the cusp of what many believe will be the single biggest technological evolution since the development of the internet. AI is here and it is a reality. What does and what will AI mean for the video industry? And before AI disrupts the video industry along with every other industry, what are the latest developments with cloud services, payment services, personalisation and discovery algorithms?

Asia Video Summit 2024 will be taking place on 13 – 14 March at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong!

Advance Registration will be available soon. Check back in for more updates or email [email protected] for any enquiries.

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Annually, AVIA will publish the Asia Video Industry Report. The report aims to provide a thorough review of the video industry today. Sections include country updates on the state of Policy and Regulations in the region, the latest on the war against Piracy in Asia, Research and Intelligence across multiple platforms in Asia Pacific, as well as insights into Content, Technology, and Advertising.

The latest 2023 Report is now available for download.

Speaker Highlights - AVS2023

Derek Choi

Managing Director

Catherine PARK_2
Catherine Park

Senior Vice President, Head of Office and Streaming for Asia

True - Birathon Kasemsri Na Ayudhaya
Birathon Kasemsri Na Ayudhaya

Chief Content Strategy, Investment & Partnership Officer

CP Group and True Corporation

Vidio - Sutanto Hartono
Sutanto Hartono

Managing Director, EMTEK, Chief Executive Officer, SCM, Chief Executive Officer


Tony Qiu
Tony Qiu

SVP, Head of Commercial, Western Pacific
Warner Bros. Discovery

Lead Sponsor

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