Main Event Programme

Day 1: 16 November 2021

Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA

This opening presentation will offer a global perspective of the video industry, its impact on the Asian markets, the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and the trends we are seeing that will disrupt and change the way we see the video industry in Asia. 

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With the rise of streaming there has been more focus than ever before on the choice of content each platform is acquiring and producing.  Is it now a world of all killer and no filler?  What is this doing to content costs and for both volume and costs of production?  What genres and subjects are the ones which are worth investing in?  And what does life look like from the view of a content producer – is this a golden age of production?  Are budgets bigger and creative voices stronger or is the pressure simply higher? How can technology play a part to create a perceived value for content?


Ashim Mathur, Senior Regional Director, Emerging Markets, Dolby Laboratories

Siu Min Lim, Head of Production, Double Vision

With Michele Schofield, SVP, Content Distribution, One Animations  

The pandemic has had both immediate and longer term impact on the commissioning strategies of linear and VOD players alike. What are the commissioning and acquisition strategies of both established and new entrants to the Asia market and how has it shifted between linear and VOD? Who are the key players and biggest commissioners who are best meeting consumer demand in the region, and which content genres are driving this increase in commissioning today?

Guy Bisson, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Ampere Analysis

With Celeste Campbell-Pitt, Chief Policy Officer, AVIA

Viu, Southeast Asia’s second largest streaming service by paid subscribers, trailing only Disney+, is at a critical point in its journey as it moves to expand its user base and compete in content. Where is Viu’s next battleground? What is its approach into the “originals” game in Southeast Asia – is it looking at it country by country or regionally? And how it is planning to scale up even more in the coming years?

Felix To, Chief of Viu Original, PCCW Media

With Celeste Campbell-Pitt, Chief Policy Officer, AVIA

Windows are disappearing or being shortened, content is being sold on performance based metrics, and rights can be negotiated in every which way.  Everything is changing.  In this session the speakers will explore the ways in which these changes are happening and whether they are unleashing new opportunities or threatening the fabric of the industry.


Youngsun Soh, GM, Korea, Regional Head Of Digital Business Development, A+E Networks

Sabrina Duguet, EVP Asia, all3media

Myleeta Aga, Founder & MD, AnKi Media

With Jessica Deery, Director and Counsel, Horizon Recruitment

We are living in an equal opportunity world for content where it matters less where the content is from and more whether it is compelling.  What does this mean for content commissions – are they now being made with an international audience in mind, or is it the local authenticity which means it can work anywhere?  And what does this all mean for Asian content where we have seen Korean content dominate, but can this success be emulated by other Asian content?  In this session we explore these questions from the viewpoints of Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai content producers.


Shigeko (Cindy) Chino, Assoc. MD, International Business Development, Nippon Television

Free-To-Air TV has long been the home and primary source of local content in every market.  But with international streamers trying to penetrate further and seeking out more local content than ever before, you are starting to find content that was once the domain of ad supported domestic TV now being seen on subscription supported international streaming platforms.  Is this what is going to drive subscription? And meanwhile FTA TV is dabbling with subscription options in the streaming world.  Confused? Or a blurring of boundaries?


Ali Hussein, CEO, Eros Now

Tina Arwin, Chief Content Officer, Vidio

12:30 | Lunch Break

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For so long we have contrasted and compared the worlds of Linear and Streaming but is this still a useful lens through which to view the industry?  Both share the same business models revolving around subscription and advertising, and more importantly both share similar premium video content.  Should we not be emphasising synergies and similarities?  Or is that too simplistic and the reality is that differences in technology, work flows and ultimately business models make the two chalk and cheese?  How will the two continue to develop in comparison to, or alongside each other?


Phil Hardman, SVP & General Manager, Asia, BBC Studios

Ho Hock Doong, CEO, TM Net

Avinash Kaul, CEO, Network18, Managing Director, A+E Networks, TV18

Alexander Muller, MD APAC, TV5MONDE

With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA

Henry Tan, CEO, Astro

With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA

Subscription is the chosen business model of the multi-national streamers as well as being the second half of “freemium”.  Is subscription the pre-eminent business model and is an ad free experience what consumers want and are prepared to pay for?  How are things different from the world of Pay TV where penetration rates in many markets stalled at relatively low levels in some markets?  Can the subscription streamers overcome this reluctance to paying and if so, how do they balance growth through subscriber growth vs price increases?


Sushant Sreeram, Director – Marketing, Amazon Prime Video

Rohit Jain, MDLionsgate South Asia and Networks – Emerging Markets Asia, Lionsgate

Lexie Knauer, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Brightcove

Streaming is the common battleground, and while much of the talk is about the big international brands, domestic platforms, often broadcasters, are investing big in streaming too.  But as broadcasters increasingly move to streaming, are the audiences following them or are they being lost in the transition?  Is aggregating linear broadcast, OTT and YouTube/ social media value additive or is it fragmentation with no way of neatly combining measurement of all three?


Parminder Singh, Chief Commercial and Digital Officer, Mediacorp

Dato’ Khairul Anwar Salleh, CEO, Media Prima Television Networks and Primework Studios

Desmond Chan, Deputy GM, TVB

With Rob Gilby, President Asia Pacific, Nielsen Media          

In this session, we will explore the future of sports broadcasting with a governing body (Cricket Australia) and their host broadcaster (Kayo), how is the shift to streaming, audience acquisition and engagement, the role of 3rd party platforms such as social media, UGC amongst others.

Ben Napier, Head of APAC Sports, Media & Entertainment Partnerships, Google

Where is the Pay TV business going? Will the growing consumption of streaming services undermine the Pay TV business model? How has content strategy changed? Is bundling and discounting of subscription streaming apps the next big move in Pay TV? Is ‘box-less’ the way to go to help expand the market for Pay TV operators?


Bruce Curtin, Product Manager, Irdeto

Sandie Lee, EVP, Rewind Networks

Debbie Lee, Founder and CEO, TechStorm

17:10 | End of Main Event Day 1

Day 2: 17 November 2021

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The shift in viewing habits from linear TV to newer digital video platforms comes as advertisers seek a more unified approach to their media planning, activation, measurement and attribution. In this session we unpack what convergence means to linear and OTT buyers and explore the key challenges and opportunities in realizing this vision. Discover what it takes to create a competitive advantage in a converged future.

Tom Dover, Director, Video Marketplace Development, APAC, Xandr

There is a quiet revolution going on in Southeast Asia. While much of the world embraces CTV, it is video streaming that is giving traditional TV a run for its money here. With the rise of digital acceleration and change in consumer behaviour, we explore how marketers are accelerating their spend from linear TV to video streaming. You have SVOD, AVOD, social platforms, set-top boxes and more. Which form of digital TV is working best for the specific KPIs and brand goals that media buyers and planners need? How are advertisers making their choices? And how can programmatic boost the value of ad breaks in premium streaming television?

10min presentation by Nicole Scaglione, Global VP of OTT and CTV Business, PubMatic


Liv Geen, Head of Client Services, Finecast Australia

Elaine Tan, Head of Sales, Southeast Asia, International Business Department – Advertising, iQIYI International

Bharat Khatri, Chief Digital Officer, Omnicom Media Group

Vijay Kunduri, Regional VP of OTT Business, APAC, PubMatic

With Joe Nguyen, Consultant, AVIA

The Summer Olympics in Tokyo was anything but business as usual, with marketers putting digital and omnichannel tactics to the test as they try to engage viewers whose interest in this global event could be dwindling. What were the complexities and challenges of having to deliver the level of ratings that will attract ad dollars while trying to effectively meet viewers expectations on live streaming? How has the splintered viewership across the different channels impacted advertising efforts? Were viewers engaged? How were they being targeted? What were the analytics on reach and what has the results showed? How were these being measured?


Jennifer Chase, VP, Digital Sales & Solutions, Commercial Group, Mediacorp 

Ranjana Mangla, SVP and Head of Ad Revenue, SonyLIV, Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN)

Being certain about one’s advertising strategies for CTV vs OTT as a whole has been one of the leading conundrums of many media buyers and marketers as we transition as an industry from broadcast into the streaming realm. In this session, we explore how advertising strategy and measurement differ for CTV and OTT. How are media buyers allocating their budget between CTV and OTT in Asia, and why? How are they mapping their choices and how much investment is going into each? How does CTV advertising work programmatically from the brand’s perspective and is CTV achieving similar reach to OTT?


Gavin Buxton, MD Asia, Magnite

Anita Munro, Chief Investment Officer, Mindshare APAC

Mitch Waters, SVP of South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, The Trade Desk

Lesley Simpson, Country Manager, WeTV and iflix Indonesia

With Jennifer Chase, VP, Digital Sales & Solutions, Commercial Group, Mediacorp 

Rajesh Pantina, Director of Marketing, APAC, InMobi

Companies in today’s plugged-in world are always on the lookout for new and effective ways to interact and engage with their consumer base. One of the most effective capabilities that OTT platforms offer is high audience targeting. We look at how audience targeting is used in OTT advertising. What exactly does the future look like beyond the cookie and how should advertisers and publishers prepare for it? How can clean room advertising be an opportunity for digital marketing efforts while improving audience targeting and what does clean room technology ultimately mean for advertisers?


June Oh, Senior Regional Director, MediaMath

David Sky, Advertising Solutions Director, True Digital

Senior executive, JW Player

With Tom Dover, Director, Video Marketplace Development, APAC, Xandr

OTT presents a gold mine of audience targeting capabilities for streaming services and advertisers — as well as new challenges for ensuring user privacy and consent. So how do we make OTT targeting and measurement more “privacy proof” than some other channels? In this session we address how publishers are adjusting to consumer demand and privacy requirements. How do you make consent and privacy an asset and not a hurdle, and how can marketers be equipped with the right tools to guide clients through the privacy-first future?


Andy Leck, Partner, Baker McKenzie Singapore

Pedro Ramirez, Digital Lead Unilever, Mindshare APAC

Greg Fournier, SVP Client Partnerships, Unruly

Chanpreet Arora, Head – AVOD (Voot), Viacom18 Digital Ventures

The challenge with the proliferation of VOD and an increasingly fragmented TV ecosystem is the inconsistent ad measurement metrics between both services. Media buyers will want audience data comparable between linear, VOD and digital inventory to make informed decisions about planning. But are we seeing the emergence of a new unified set of measurement metrics or reporting data that is used by multiple vendors so advertisers can appropriately allocate their budgets? In this session, we will discuss if there is a common currency between TV and streaming to begin with. Do we need different measurement metrics on OTT/CTV from linear to move budgets? What is the buy side hoping to achieve in order to streamline how campaigns on TV and VOD are booked, measured and managed?


John Miskelly, Director of Investment APAC, GroupM

Niti Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, Starcom India

13:10 | Lunch Break


As technology evolves, the media industry continues to be transformed for consumers. We will look at a high-level overview of how technology has shaped our industry in recent years, how they are driving convergence in M&E companies, and how it will impact us in the years to come.

Stéphane Le Dreau, SVP, Regional General Manager APAC, NAGRA

One of the many interesting aspects of big technology trends is how seemingly independent efforts end up getting intertwined over time. The most recent example is the multi-level link between cloud and 5G, and cloud and satellite all coming together to enable a potentially powerful—but also potentially confusing—combination of capabilities. We will explore how these capabilities will further help improve and modernise video service delivery, and how they can help companies meet customers’ viewing demands today, and in the future.


Shakunt Malhotra, Managing Director Asia, Globecast

John Huddle, Director, Market Development, Asia, SES

Dean Wadsworth, VP Technology, ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand

Eunice Park, Chief Revenue Officer, Zixi

With Patrick French, EVP, Global Business Development and Strategy, ABS

Every year it seems that the industry asks if satellite TV is dying, but every year it is still with us. With the recent far-reaching structural changes in the industry, they have grown in number too. What makes satellite such a continuing valid route to market for broadcasters? What innovations are satellite operators working on to stay attractive to the video industry? Is satellite still by far the fastest way to provide access to communities, covering relatively large geographical areas? Satellite Pay TV or OTT – which way now?


Roger Tong, CEO, AsiaSat

David Couret, Director Technical Solutions – Distribution, France24

 Mahendra Nath Vyas, Executive Director, Planetcast Media Services

Senior Executive, Intelsat

Live TV was no longer the only means for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics fans to follow the Games, and a large part of the viewers it attracted had chosen to consume the live content on streaming platforms. We explore how technology is changing the face of live broadcasting. How is viewer experience being enhanced and what can be further improved? Where does digital and social media fit into it all, and how will these opportunities translate for broadcasters and sports globally?


Charley Thomas, Director of Solutions Engineering, APAC, Limelight Networks

Anil Nihalani, Head of Digital Products & Technology, Mediacorp

Chris Wilson, Portfolio Director, Sports, MediaKind 

Will Everitt, Director Product Solutions, Seven West Media

With Amy Prosser, Solutions Architect, Video & OTT, Optus Sports      

Khush Kundi, Head of Video Network, APAC, Synamedia

As streaming services leapfrog cable to become the primary way consumers watch shows, sports, movies and more, cloud is poised to play a pivotal role. It has emerged in recent years as a way to address the demands of today’s complex media landscape. Where are we in the cloud journey? How can the media industry benefit and exploit this opportunity to meet the needs of consumers? How has consumer behavior affected the OTT space and how is cloud helping? What roles should streaming providers and platforms take in the value chain, and how should they reconfigure their operating model to address this adoption?


Keith Huang, VP, Pay OTT, PCCW Media

Khush Kundi, Head of Video Network, APAC, Synamedia

With Nadya Melic, VP, Head of Customer Solutions, APAC, Vodafone

Competition amongst OTT platforms is rapidly increasing. Beyond the large organizations, many smaller entities are taking a leap into OTT, with niche offerings gaining in popularity. With all of this choice and recent reports stating that consumers are starting to feel the impact of OTT fatigue, how can streaming service providers minimize churn? In this session, we will hear case studies on how these companies have discovered ways to control costs, optimize operations and improve the end user viewing experience better than the competition.


Adrian Britton, Solutions Director, APAC, Bitmovin

Simon Miller, MD, Gracenote International, Nielsen

Praveen Singh, Director, Technology & Platforms, VuClip

Time was, that there were clearly defined verticals in the entertainment industry. However in recent years, it is clear to see that the different media channels across the legacy and digital divide are starting to converge. Netflix’s recent announcement that it is moving into gaming is a prime example. In this closing session, we explore how content providers and operators can see this as an opportunity for monestisation and content creation. What are the latest cultural phenomena that are disrupting the attention economy? Which technologies will radically change our media landscape, and what direction will the industry go in next?


Rina Azcuna-Siongco, Head – GET Entertained Tribe, Globe Telecom 

Xavier Marle, Director of Sales and BD APAC, iWedia

17:35 | Closing Remarks & End of Main Event

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