Kicking off the Asia Video Summit will be the annual Policy Roundtable to be held on 11 November, where we bring industry legal and policy experts together with regulatory officials from jurisdictions across the Asia Pacific region, for a closed-door discussion on the latest policies and regulations that impact the video industry today.

Each year at the Policy Roundtable we seek to present international examples and explore Asian views on some of the most burning issues in regulation of the professional video distribution industry.

  • Digital transformation has disrupted traditional industry standards and models. In this new connected world, driven by changing consumer trends and the development of new technologies, what are the challenges faced by regulators within our rapidly evolving video content industry and what steps can and are being taken by local and international regulators, to address these challenges?
  • Content production, the very cornerstone of our industry, has been significantly impacted by COVID-19 and deprived our local creators of income and livelihoods.  We will hear from local and international producers and explore ways to create regulatory frameworks which attract production and drive investment while simultaneously nurturing local talent, closing the gap between talent supply and demand and promoting digital literacy to ensure our local industry is, and remains, resilient.
  • As regulators around the region explore ways to tax the significant revenues flowing from the new digital era, what is the solution offered by the landmark framework agreement spearheaded by the OECD and signed by 136 countries?  How will it impact the countries who are signatories and what could this new international tax regime mean for emerging economies?
The Policy Roundtable is by invitation only to AVIA members. Registration is at USD$300 per ticket. Contact if you have any enquiries.

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