Policy Roundtable 2020

4 November | 14:00 – 18:00

The annual AVIA Policy Roundtable is an opportunity for legal and policy experts from the industry to meet in a closed-door summit with invited regulatory officials from a range of jurisdictions across the Asia-Pacific region. Featuring frank discussions of hot-button issues, case studies of regulatory best practices, and information-sharing presentations, the Policy Roundtable is a vital forum for industry and government to interact.

The 2020 Policy Roundtable will be conducted online, addressing topics such as:

  • How are governments differentiating regulations for online curated video platforms from legacy¬† Pay-TV rules, with an eye to prevent online harms?
  • What new initiatives is industry undertaking, to work with governments on regulating online platforms?
  • How are governments and industry looking at legacy Pay-TV regulations, as the industry evolves in a different direction?

This event is by invitation only. Regulatory and policy officials, or AVIA member company experts who would like an invitation may write to regulatory@avia.org

Please note there is a US$300 delegate fee for all industry participants.

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