Prior to the Main Summit on 12 November, AVIA hosted the State of Piracy Summit, the companion event focused on streaming pirated services.  Streaming piracy is the biggest competitive threat to our industry and investing in anti-piracy measures should become the new ‘cost of doing business’.  The 2021 State of Piracy Summit is an opportunity to hear from recognized international authorities as they discuss proven and effective strategies which disrupt and curb streaming piracy and how these can be employed for greatest effect.

Headlining the State of Piracy Summit 2021:

Securing the Content Universe

Best Practices to Brand Safety

Strategic Intelligence: Now We Have the Data – What Do We Do With It?

Cross Border Enforcement: Meaningful Outcomes in a (Dis)connected World

Shaping a Coordinated Response

Confirmed Speakers

Bharat Kapoor
Bharat Kapoor
Vice President, Online Brand Protection

Bharat Kapoor has a B.A. Honours from the University of Technology, Sydney. Prior to joining SIPI, he was an Associate Director at Ernst & Young India, where he led the business development and advisory services program for companies operating in the media, e-commerce, and advertising sectors.

Paul Watters
Paul Watters

Professor Paul Watters is CEO of Cyberstronomy, Strategic Cyber Security Consultant at Ionize, and Academic Dean at Academies Australasia (ASX: AKG). He is also Honorary Professor of Security Studies and Criminology at Macquarie University, and Adjunct Professor of Cybersecurity at La Trobe University. Professor Watters is one of the world’s leading researchers in cybercrime and cybersecurity, having led major research programmes against banking fraud, phishing, scams, child exploitation, and piracy.

Akash Saxena
Akash Saxena
Senior Vice President, Head of Technology
Disney+ Hotstar

Mr. Akash Saxena is SVP and Head of Technology at Disney+ Hotstar, India’s largest premium streaming platform with coverage of every major global sporting event. He has been a key driver in building and guiding the team that has built and architected a platform that can scale to run AVOD / SVOD and run live sports at scale. Prior to joining Disney+Hotstar, Akash led engineering at an e-commerce player, a food aggregator and OpenTable, where he built teams from scratch and spanned across multiple locations.

Foxtel - Peter Daly -R
Peter Daly
Head of Content Protection & LEA Liaison
Foxtel Australia

Peter Daly is the Head of Content Protection at Foxtel in Sydney Australia and he has been in the role since early 2016. Peter has led the operational protection effort for Foxtel’s exclusive content globally, he also looks after account fraud and digital media investigations. Prior to Foxtel, Peter had spent 14 years as a criminal investigator and Police officer.

Nick - Interpol
Nick Court
Coordinator, IP Crime and Digital Piracy

Detective Inspector Nick Court has been seconded to INTERPOL from the City of London Police since December 2020 and is the Coordinator for intellectual property crime and digital piracy, based in Lyon, France.

Prior to accepting this role, Nick held varied law enforcement positions in local, regional and national agencies in the UK and has experience within the fields of intelligence analysis and the investigation of terrorism and fraud.  Nick led the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) in London for a number of years prior to joining INTERPOL, and is also an experienced hostage and crisis negotiator.

Mark Mulready
Mark Mulready
Vice President – Cyber Services

Mark leads the strategic direction, global delivery and management of Cybersecurity Services for sports rights owners, broadcasters/operators, games publishers and other verticals. In addition to managing a global team of analysts, investigators and product management experts, Mark oversees the marketing activities for the Irdeto Cybersecurity Services team. Mark was previously the Fraud & Operational Security Manager at Foxtel and also served 16 years in New South Wales Police Service including special assignments in the Drug Enforcement Agency, the National Crime Authority and 3 years as a Prosecutor.

Juan Carlos
Juan Jose Rotger
Global Content Protection Manager
La Liga

Degree in Law and Master in Intellectual Property. He has developed his professional career working in law firms (both in Argentina and Spain). In 2018 he joined LaLiga to become part of the Audiovisual Department, more precisely of the Global Content Protection area. He and a large team of professionals are responsible of the commitment assumed by the LaLiga to fight against piracy.

Pascal Metral
Vice President Legal Affairs

Pascal Métral serves as Vice President of Legal Affairs for NAGRA/Kudelski Group, a world leader in digital security and cybersecurity, and leads NAGRA’s anti-piracy intelligence, investigations and litigation unit. He joined NAGRA in 2003 as an external counsel specialized in IP and criminal law, stepping into the role of the in-house counsel in charge of anti-piracy, anti-cybercrime and corporate matters in 2009.  Pascal also heads a global team of in-house and external lawyers and investigators within the NAGRA Anti-Piracy Services unit.

Abrahim Farraj
Abrahim Farraj
Director, Creative Content Protection

Abe has been a member of NBCUniversal’s Content Protection team for over 10 years. He began his tenure as a member of the enforcement team, specializing in analyzing and discovering the internet’s top pirate websites and distribution channels. His work expanded to measuring and disrupting piracy through follow-the-money efforts. The advertising and entertainment industry have used his processes and research to raise the profile of ad-supported piracy— leading to a notable downward shift in the profitability of piracy worldwide.

Stefan Sergot
Head of Legal-Enforcement
Premier League

Stefan Sergot is the Head of Legal – Enforcement at the Premier League. His responsibilities include the Premier League’s anti-piracy litigation around the world and its anti-counterfeiting programme. Stefan has been at the Premier League for 8 years and in 2019 was seconded to Singapore to help establish its first international office, before returning to London.

Avigail Gutman
Vice President, Security and Intelligence Operations

Avigail Gutman is Vice President of Intelligence & Security Operations, Synamedia. She has been a hacker-tracker since the early days of broadcast TV piracy all the way through to today’s streaming and content piracy.

She leads a global team that disrupts piracy by turning information about pirates’ technologies and the pirates themselves into actionable intelligence, informing field and legal operations, and resulting in new counter measures. The anti-piracy team works alongside industry organizations, governments and law enforcement agencies.

Cédric Hardouin_1019 (002)
Cédric Hardouin
Executive Vice President, R&D

Cédric Hardouin is the Executive Vice President of Research and Development at Viaccess-Orca. He is responsible for managing our R&D teams based in France and Israel, with a focus on rolling out next-generation security and TV Platform solutions. Cédric has over 15 years of experience in R&D for digital television and content services. Prior to Viaccess – Orca, he held other senior positions at Canal+ and Canal+ Technologies, Logiways and Kudelski Group.

Peter Szyszko
Peter Szyszko
Chief Executive Officer
White Bullet

Peter is the CEO and founder of White Bullet, a technology company that detects and demonetises IP infringement.  White Bullet uses AI to identify, continually monitor and dynamically score websites and apps engaged in IP infringing activity and tracks digital advertising funding them. White Bullet provides intelligence to digital intermediaries, including provision of transparency to the digital advertising ecosystem and solutions to avoid placing ads on high risk platforms.

Sushmita Thakuar - YouTube
Sushmita Thakur
Head of Partner Operations, APAC

Sushmita leads YouTube’s Partner Operations for the Asia Pacific region. She is a long term Googler who has worked across multiple product areas like Ad Operations and Sales before starting the YouTube Operations team in APAC.  Her team is responsible for supporting YouTube partner & creator needs such as partner onboarding, education, monetization and content rights management.

Louis Boswell
Chief Executive Officer

Louis Boswell is the Chief Executive Officer of the Asia Video Industry Association. As CEO, his remit is to lead the industry through championing all broad based initiatives that result in a more vibrant and healthy video ecosystem. This includes being at the forefront of industry research, supporting evolving business models, understanding the role of technology, representing the industry in conversations with regulators and taking a leading role in eliminating piracy.

Aaron Herps
General Manager
AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)

Aaron Herps is the General Manager for the Coalition Against Piracy. Prior to joining CAP, Aaron spent 2 years at beIN Sports managing digital content protection through the APAC region.  Aaron also spent 10 years with the Motion Picture Association of America including senior management positions in Australia and the association’s Global Content Protection Hub. He has worked extensively in Australia, New Zealand, S.E.Asia, the US and Europe.

Event Agenda

Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA

An overview of Piracy across the APAC region, the activities and initiatives that are currently underway, as well as a look at the progress that has been made this year, despite the restrictions put in place by the current pandemic.

Aaron Herps, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)

According to new research from the Digital Citizens Alliance and White Bullet, online criminals who offer stolen movies, TV shows, games, and live events through websites and apps are reaping $1.34 billion in annual advertising revenues. And it is big money, in large part funded by advertising, including by well-known and iconic brands. In this session, we will take a look at the latest research around advertising in piracy and how this issue can be addressed.


Dr. Paul Watters, CEO, Cyberstronomy

Peter Szyszko, CEO, White Bullet

With Aaron Herps, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)

As the world struggled through various states of freedoms over another year, we have seen a return to some sort of normality again – regular sports broadcasts returned, content production began to normalise – but with so many people still trying to get access to the myriad of content– not always legally, what mistakes are we seeing, and what are best practices to ensure pirates don’t see your content as the next best target?


Akash Saxena, SVP, Head of Technology, Disney+ Hotstar

Peter Daly, Head of Content Protection & LEA Liaison, Foxtel Australia

Avigail Gutman, VP Security and Intelligence Operations, Synamedia

With Aaron Herps, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)

Sushmita Thakur, Head of Partner Operations, APAC, YouTube

With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA

Piracy continues to grow; and digital ads fund some 85% of online pirate streaming activity. Major brands and hundreds of others are still unknowingly supporting piracyIn this session we discuss how advertisers and their agencies should institute best practices that have already been proven effective to increase brand safety, and how can we keep legitimate advertising from illegitimate services.


Bharat Kapoor, VP, Online Brand Protection, Authentix

Abrahim Farraj, Director, Creative Content Protection, NBCUniversal

With Aaron Herps, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)

Data can be gathered from many sources – but it’s what we do with that data that allows us to make informed choices on what to do next. In this session, we discuss how we use Intelligence derived from various sources, whether it be for Investigations or lobbying, and how it dictates our decision making on anti-piracy strategy and enforcement.


Juan Jose Rotger, Global Content Protection Manager, La Liga

Pascal Metral, Vice President Legal Affairs, NAGRA

With Aaron Herps, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)

Just like online piracy is a problem everywhere, so too the enforcement actions against piracy syndicates can have global ramifications.  With that in mind, it’s important to recognise the international cooperation that occurs to make a successful case.  In this session, we look at cross-border enforcement cases and the challenges in getting a successful, longer lasting outcomes.


Mark Mulready, Vice President – Cyber Services, Irdeto

Stefan Sergot, Head of Legal-Enforcement, Premier League

Cédric Hardouin, EVP, R&D, Viaccess-Orca

With Aaron Herps, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)

With online copyright piracy a growing threat around the world, INTERPOL recently launched its Stop Online Piracy (I-SOP) initiative to counter online piracy and crimes involving intellectual property rights infringements, identify and dismantle illicit online marketplaces, target criminal networks and confiscate their assets.

Nick Court, Coordinator, IP Crime and Digital Piracy, INTERPOL

With Aaron Herps, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


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YouTube's mission is to give everyone a voice and show them the world.

YouTube's mission is to give everyone a voice and show them the world.


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